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Almost home

Shooting in Belarus is convenient and profitable. Both technology and culture of filmmaking are formed. Our country is distinguished by a high level of safety and hospitality. Minsk offers dozens of modern hotels, cozy cafes and restaurants. It will be comfortable for you not only for work, but also for relax.

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You can visit Belarus for 30 days without a visa when entering the country by plane.



Minsk has retained the architectural styles of different eras. The city is not familiar with the traffic jams, and the local authorities and Minsk dwellers are loyal to shooting. In one shift you can use a lot of locations, and those which are lack can be built in film studio. The outskirts inspire with untouched nature and interspersing with medieval architecture.



You will find everything that you are used to working with. Our rental-partners regularly update their equipment and monitor closely all the technical market innovations.



Our own casting base quickly solves the problem of finding actors and models.



Team has jumped through hoops. We know, how to work with international clients, including network advertising agencies and major brands. And we do love our work.